We've gone green! At Rambla, we have our planet’s best interests at heart, and we also know how non-eco-friendly travel can be. Planes contribute to CO2 emissions and cheaper hotel amenities use more energy and plastic. Luckily, we’ve created an easy option for sustainable stays that cut out the bad stuff and leave only the greenest goods. Discover our sustainability initiatives below and keep a lookout for exciting new additions to all of our locations.



At our Rambla locations, we prioritise sustainability in our common areas, harnessing the power of the sun for energy efficiency. Here's how:

Solar panels on the Rambla rooftops generate renewable energy at these popular locations

Guests effortlessly reduce their carbon footprint while enjoying our solar-powered amenities

Communal spaces, including the gym, co-working area, lobby, and corridors, are powered by solar energy


We understand the importance of convenient transportation options during your stay. That's why we offer an electric car charging station at our locations:

Located in an on-site garage for your convenience

Encourages eco-conscious travel choices

Allows guests to consider renting an electric vehicle for sustainable urban travel


We all love toiletries and fun room inclusions, but these can be major contributors to excess waste in the hospitality world. To help reduce this, we’ve implemented the following initiatives:

Bamboo recycled Who Gives A Crap toilet paper in every room

Australian-made Peter Morrissey shower products that use fully recycled packaging, refillable bottles, no animal testing, and a production process that prioritises reduced waste and carbon emissions

Carbon monoxide sensors to help keep the environment clean and low in emissions


Water conservation is vital in reducing CO2 emissions in the tourism sector. Our commitment to sustainability includes:

Efficient water usage and recycling through water tanks

Minimised water wastage

A green choice for guests staying in our serviced apartments


Nevaya One

Forget top boxes, dongles, and multiple remotes. We've partnered with NevayaOne to streamline your Rambla in-room entertainment services, allowing you to cast your favourite shows direct from your device while helping us eliminate excess plastics and hardware.

Who Gives a Crap

We do! That's why we exclusively stock Australia's favourite eco-friendly toilet paper in all Rambla rooms and locations. Who Gives A Crap uses 100% recycled and bamboo paper that's as soft as it is biodegradable and kind to the trees.

Vanity Group

Sustainable amenities are top of our eco-friendly priority list, which is where Vanity Group helps us out. From recyclable packaging and product ingredients to conscious production and refillable containers, your premium Rambla bathroom goodies are great for the environment.