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When you stay at Rambla @ Solarino House, you’ll be welcomed by more than an apartment. Dive into our premium facilities and discover all the best bits to elevate your stay in Brunswick. Enjoy an Asian fusion meal at our on-site restaurant Casa Chino, or snip some fresh herbs from the shared garden to cook with. Our co-work space and bike racks are both open 24 hours for ultimate convenience. Best of all, you can soak in the city views from our communal rooftop. At Solarino House, we know exactly what you need for an easy, comfy, enjoyable experience.

Solarino House is designed to provide you with a memorable stay, blending comfort and convenience. Discover why so many choose us for their stay in this vibrant neighbourhood.

Casa Chino

Wed & Thur: 5:00pm - late
Fri & Sat: 12:00pm - late
Sun - Tues: Closed

Looking for lunch, dinner, or drinks during your stay? Step out the front doors of Solarino House and discover Casa Chino. Our fresh new on-site restaurant fuses the deliciousness of Chinese Cantonese with Peruvian food to create scrumptious Chifa cuisine. Tuck into brochetas from the grill, indulge in wok-fried dishes, or share a round of bamboo baskets with friends. Good times in Brunswick are just a dumpling away.

Herb Garden & Fruit Trees

OPENING HOURS: 6:00am - 10:00pm

Did you know that Solarino House has a green thumb? Discover our community herb garden and fruit trees on the rooftop, which you’re more than welcome to snip from and enjoy during your stay. Add some herbs to a home-cooked meal, forage for seasonal fruits, and help us do that little bit extra in the way of sustainable stays.

Co-Work Space

Streamline your Melbourne work trip with automatic access to our co-work space. There’s nothing worse than balancing your laptop on a makeshift hotel room table, or squeezing into crowded city cafés for the free WiFi. Set up your desk, plug in your gear, and get connected in our on-site shared workspace, the perfect place to get productive while meeting fellow travellers in Solarino House, Brunswick.

Communal Rooftop

OPENING HOURS: 6:00am - 10:00pm

Enjoy a slice of serenity amidst the vibrant cityscape with our Communal Rooftop. Elevated above the buzzing streets of Brunswick, we invite you to dish up on the sweeping views and laid-back vibes that fill the rooftop area. Lounge in the open-air seating, and take advantage of communal BBQ amenities ideal for hosting get-togethers. It's your personal haven in the heart of Melbourne's dynamic atmosphere.

Bike Racks

Cruise in and lock up your wheels with our dedicated bike racks and bike room. Live like a local while savouring convenience by cycling around town. Rest easy knowing your bike is stored safely and securely in our on-site facilities, ready to hit the road again for a hassle-free travel experience.

Inclusions & Facilities

Make yourself comfortable and dish up on some tasty extras during your stay. These perks are all included in the Solarino House experience in Brunswick. Make your home away from home that much better.

Digital Check-In

Full Kitchen & Laundry

Close to Public Transport

Bike Racks

Furnished Balconies Available

Fully Furnished

Chromecast TV

Casa Chino

Communal Rooftop

Shared Herb Garden & Fruit Trees

EV Charger

Co-Work Space


Can I book a table at Casa Chino?

Absolutely! Casa Chino hasn't yet opened, but as soon as it does, feel free to jump onto their website to book your table for lunch or dinner. Visit to book.

Is the herb garden available to guests?

You bet it is! Simply head up to the rooftop of Solarino House and take your pick of the season’s herbs and fruits. We only ask that you be courteous and respectful of the garden and other residents so we can all enjoy the garden equally.

Is there parking available?

Yes, there is on-site parking available in the basement of Solarino House.

How much does parking cost?

Parking fees are $20/night.

Do I need to reserve a bike rack or space?

Nope – simply cruise in, pick a spot, and secure your wheels. No bookings necessary.

Is alcohol allowed on the Communal Rooftop?

What kind of fun rooftop oasis would it be without a couple of drinks in hand? Yes, alcohol is allowed on our rooftop, but no glass is permitted.

Are co-work space desks available to book?

Here's the good part – you don't need to book a desk! Just turn up with your gear, connect to the fast and free WiFi, and settle in for a productive day Solarino-style.