Since when did Brisbane become such a hub for new eateries? Since this year, that’s when! 2023 has brought with it a veritable feast of sparkling new restaurants in Brisbane, and as so many of them are within extremely close proximity to our Rambla apartments in Bowen Hills and Woolloongabba, it’s safe to say we’re stoked with the news.

From an authentic Sardinian-inspired farm-to-table restaurant to a classic twist on an old-fashioned red brick Australian bar, Brisbane has seriously dished up the goods on fabulous new hotspots that have opened up in the last several months. 

Crack open your notebook and get ready to jot down some must-remember details. Whether you’re a Brisbane local or you’re travelling to the sunny city soon, these eight must-visit venues are sure to tickle your fancy.

Los Felix in Woolloongabba

160 Logan Road, Woolloongabba

To kick start off our list of the best new restaurants in Brisbane, we couldn’t go past our local taco-licious favourite, Los Felix. Set in the vibrant precinct of our own South/City/SQ in the buzzing heart of Woollongabba, Los Felix offers a colourful hole-in-the-wall haven filled with the best Southern Californian street-style Mexican cuisine.

Los Felix offers a tantalising menu featuring a variety of dishes, from loaded fries to tostadas, and, of course, a carefully curated selection of soft corn tortilla tacos. Traditional flavours shine here, with options like Baja-style beer-battered snapper served with chipotle mayo, succulent orange confit pork carnitas with jalapeños, and a refreshing fresh tuna aguachile. You can also request a platter of taco accompaniments brimming with delicious condiments such as pickled jalapeños, chipotle sauce, and salsa verde.

When it comes to drinks, Los Felix has a well-stocked bar with an array of mezcals and tequilas lining the shelves. If you’re feeling a bit more ‘Friday night drinks’, we recommend their moreish frozen margaritas or paloma cocktails. Other notable beverages include a vibrant selection of Mexican beers, chavelas, and a selection of sodas to keep the good times flowing throughout the day.

Pop over to this fresh new restaurant in Brisbane, grab a taco or two, and take a seat in the shining indoor-outdoor oasis of South/City/SQ to soak up the best Brissy vibes.

Sasso Italiano in Woolloongabba

160 Logan Road, Woolloongabba

Prefer something a little more upscale? South/City/SQ is the bees knees of variety when it comes new Brisbane restaurants, and Sasso Italiano is no exception. Nestled in the vibrant precinct, Sasso Italiano boasts exquisite authentic Italian cuisine that’s attracting diners from all over Brisbane.

The decor is chic-modern with a touch of cosy comforts in their plush armchair-style seats. The ambience is designed to recapture the lively spirit of Italian eateries in the 1970s USA, where good food, soft lighting, and a welcoming atmosphere created memorable experiences – and that’s exactly what Sasso achieves. The restaurant seamlessly blends elements from the past with contemporary design features, resulting in a harmonious fusion of comfort and style.

But we know you’re not just here for the decor. When it comes to the menu, Sasso serves up just about every Italian gourmet delight you could ask for. From the Panzella & buffalo mozzarella to the housemade potato gnocchi, to the incredibly moreish selection of pizzas and pasta dishes, Sasso Italiano is the ultimate destination for fine dining in the heart of Brisbane.

pilloni west end restaurant

Pilloni in West End

166 Hardgrave Road, West End

A fresh addition to the Brisbane dining scene is Pilloni, a brand-new Sardinian restaurant that packs a fiery punch. Pilloni brings the flavours and traditions of Sardinian cuisine to the heart of Brisbane’s vibrant West End, with a menu that boasts dishes kissed by open flames. 

Guests can enjoy refreshing beverages at the elegant ivory-hued marble bar or opt for an al fresco experience on the terrace, which exudes a charming fifties-style ambience. As the sister establishment of La Lupa, Pilloni draws inspiration from agritourism, seamlessly blending rustic aesthetics with an extensive wine selection and a robust menu featuring flame-grilled meats, fresh seafood, house-made pasta, and tantalising pizzas that tempt your senses with their intoxicating aroma.

Pilloni's commitment to authenticity extends to its partnerships with small-scale producers, growers, and hunters. This ensures that every visit to the restaurant offers a brief but delightful journey to Sardinia, with dishes that capture the essence of the region. Central to Pilloni's culinary philosophy is the use of fire, which serves as the beating heart of the kitchen. Additionally, traditional staples like focaccias, bread, and pasta are meticulously crafted on-site daily.

Embracing a seasonal approach, Pilloni's menu remains open to inspiration from nature's rhythm. This flexibility allows for continuous innovation while staying true to the roots of traditional Sardinian cooking.

TAMA in Fortitude Valley

740 Ann Street, Fortitude Valley

Looking for a little touch of luxe with your meal? Look no further than TAMA, one of the ultimate new restaurants Brisbane has to offer and a dazzling spectacle now gracing the ground floor of the iconic and newly revamped GPO.

TAMA's expansive restaurant space, adorned with natural light, can accommodate up to 100 guests. As you step inside, you'll be greeted by tasteful stone and marble flooring, lush bursts of greenery, sumptuous velvet-clad booths, and plush furnishings. The setting effortlessly marries original beams with custom chandeliers, exuding timeless sophistication. Its two-storey atrium, serving as the primary dining area, features lofty ceilings and towering windows, creating an inviting, radiant ambience that harks back to a bygone era.

TAMA offers a fresh perspective on contemporary dining, taking inspiration from the fascinating heritage of the 1880s. The culinary maestro behind this exceptional establishment is none other than celebrated Chef and Restaurateur, Richard Ousby, renowned for his expertise in blending traditional European flavours with a modern steakhouse twist. 

For fine dining lovers, TAMA’s menu is truly something to behold. Indulge in tantalising starters like charcoal calamari, seafood platters, and beef tartare. For those seeking opulence, the menu presents half and full lobsters, quail, mushroom tart, and a range of mouthwatering handmade pasta dishes, including four-cheese tortellini and crab bisque linguine. If you're in the mood for an extraordinary experience, do not miss out on their exquisite caviar service

Complementing this gastronomic journey is an extensive and thoughtfully curated wine list that caters to every palate. If you’re a connoisseur of the grape, you’ll be thrilled to know that TAMA houses an incredible cellar stocked with 1000 (yes, that’s thousand) meticulously selected bottles of fine wine and champagne.

Did we say fancy? We meant it.

Viva La Cali in Fortitude Valley

California Lane, 22 Machlachlan Street, Fortitude Valley

In the heart of our neighbouring Fortitude Valley locale lies Viva La Cali, an exciting Latin-fusion restaurant and bar that's making waves in Brisbane’s dining scene. Tucked away on the lively California Lane in the Valley, this open-air establishment offers a mouthwatering fusion of Latin flavours, accompanied by an array of sensational signature cocktails and specialty margaritas, like the refreshing Watermelon Margy High and the zesty Spiced Pear Margarita.

Fast becoming touted as one of the best new restaurants and bars in Brisbane, Viva is all about embracing an eternal summer, perfectly complementing Brisbane's typically warm climate. The fabulous palm tree artwork wholeheartedly embraces this sunny disposition, and the combination of open-air and covered seating design puts us in mind of mild summer nights by the water. 

While it comes as no surprise that tacos take centre stage on the menu, there's also a creative twist to be discovered. The must-try options include a banh mi-inspired taco featuring pulled chicken, pickled vegetables, and chicken pate. Other delectable choices feature pork jowl paired with fermented cabbage, apple wild rice, and smoked yoghourt, fish ceviche complemented by cucumber, pickled jalapeño, and pomegranate, as well as beef carnitas accompanied by pineapple habanero salsa.

ruby my dear brisbane listening bar

Ruby, My Dear in Newstead

12 Longland Street, Newstead

Ever heard of a listening bar? We hadn’t either until Brisbane opened its very first listening bar in the heart of Newstead. Ruby, My Dear has us in absolute ribbons of delight with its fabulously retro-chic design, cosy booths, vintage decor, and, of course, its selection of vinyl records that you can actually play with high-end audio equipment while you eat and drink. Not to mention its live music and DJ sets on various nights. Oh, and its exquisite menu of Japanese cocktails and nibbles.

No, this is not a drill. Yes, we thought you’d be excited, too.

Taking cues from Japanese vinyl bars and jazz cafés (known as jazz kissa) which first became popular in the 1950s, Ruby, My Dear presents a fresh concept for the ears and taste buds of Brisbanites. Located in the former Drum Dining space in Newstead, Ruby, My Dear offers a haven for music enthusiasts to relish a thoughtfully curated selection of tunes, whether spun from vinyl records or performed live by jam bands. A diverse array of DJs will also treat patrons to a musical journey across various genres, including jazz, disco, funk, soul, hip-hop, and lofi.

Ruby, My Dear's all-encompassing philosophy extends to its bar, which opts for flexibility over specialisation, ensuring it caters to a wide range of tastes. The bar boasts an extensive wine list, a well-rounded cocktail selection, a variety of sake options, and both draft and bottled beers. 

The kitchen complements the musical ambience with a sumptuous menu inspired by Japanese izakaya-style cuisine. Diners can anticipate delights such as shime saba (pickled mackerel with wasabi and soy), wagyu tataki paired with garlic crisps from the raw menu, mayo-infused pork katsu sandos, panko-crusted prawn ebi buns, koji-seasoned wagyu rump, and miso-roasted bone marrow udon.

Working Title Brew Co in Newstead

85 Doggett Street, Newstead

In Brisbane, where breweries are a dime a dozen, Working Title Brew Co decided to treat Newstead locals to something a little different. It’s eschewed the idea of a fixed core range of beers that most breweries adhere to (though you can still sip on the old favourites like pale ale and pilsner) and opted instead for unique and exciting beers that are paving the way for a new brewery era.

The experimental taproom boasts an impressive 12 taps, with tasting paddles available for those eager to sample a variety. You can also take home cans from the fridge. Some of Working Title’s limited releases include unique brews like ‘Moonlight & Pretzels,' a salted caramel pretzel pastry stout naturally clarified over two weeks, and 'Panic Room,' a piney Double West Coast IPA crafted with eight different hops added at various stages of the brewing process.

The menu features a unique and delectable East Asian influence with a focus on minimal waste and nose-to-tail dining. Dining at Working Title elevates the brewpub experience with left-of-field offerings like ox tongue, kimchi, pickle, and gruyere toasties, togarashi, gochujang mayo, and lime fried chicken skins. For those with dietary restrictions, there are plenty of vegan and gluten-free options to savour, too.

The venue itself embraces a casual, open ambience that respects the original character of the building, featuring natural materials and a layout that feels unaltered. There have been some thoughtful additions over the years, including an enclosed beer garden at the front, comfortable booth seating, and even a few pinball machines

Whether you’re into brews or you’re simply keen to taste this most vibrant of new Brisbane restaurants, Working Title Brew Co has got your seat at the table ready for a deliciously good time.

Patio in Paddington

146 Baroona Road, Paddington

After successfully launching Jacopo's Pizzeria in Newstead, Range Brewing looked to the leafy, cosy, boutique-lined streets of Paddington for its newest Brisbane bar. Patio’s red-brick and timber decor and large wrap-around bar are reminiscent of an old classic Aussie bar, but with a refreshing and modern twist that includes a lush, sun-soaked beer garden perfect for soaking up the Brisbane sunshine.

The renowned Range Brewing brews flow from the venue's 10 beer taps, with the lineup changing regularly. At launch, patrons can enjoy offerings like the Jam Mixed Berry double-fruited sour ale, the decadent Early Morning Ritual pastry stout with chocolate and coffee notes, and the Name of the Game oat cream IPA, reminiscent of peaches and cream.

Two additional taps are reserved for wines produced in collaboration with LATTA Vino by the Range team. Meanwhile, Patio's cocktail menu features inventive libations, including their unique spin on the Old Fashioned, a refreshing mandarin spritz, and the Red Rosalie, a tantalising concoction made with spearmint-infused vodka, strawberry, and rose syrup.

On the food menu, you’ll relish Roman-style sourdough slices, snacks, and sweets. The menu boasts seven delectable pizza varieties, along with gildas, radish sardine toast, cheese and meat boards, and the Patio sub filled with beef and 'nduja meatballs. In the future, Patio plans to expand its culinary offerings with a focus on fresh Italian options.


Stay Near the Best New Restaurants in Brisbane

Whether you're craving Italian delights, funky fusion, Mexican flair, vinyl vibes, craft brews, or fine dining, Brisbane truly has it all. Venture out and explore these incredible new Brisbane restaurants and bars that are sure to satisfy your taste buds and create unforgettable memories. 

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